Moving Furniture Tips From Local Movers

At a glance, moving furniture may look like a daunting task; furniture moving is a chore that you need to do at one point or another. This task can be almost back-breaking especially if you are not used to lifting or moving heavy objects. So whether you are moving your furniture or you are being asked to help out a friend who is going to move, no one enjoys this cumbersome task.

The most convenient way to deal with moving is not to handle it at all and let a furniture moving company do it for you. However, if you want to do it yourself, various ways will allow you to do this task on your own.

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Disclaimer: These tips are not for people who have pre-existing health issues, such as musculoskeletal system issues. Even though these strategies can help reduce the stress of heavy lifting, it will still not completely remove the amount of effort you need in moving heavy items.

The first step is to examine your furniture

Check its weight, size, and shape of your furniture. Measure the area where the furniture needs to pass through such as a door, stairs or hallway. Plan on how you will position and carry the furniture so that it can safely pass through without hitting anything.

Remove the Attached Parts

Another way to make the moving easier and lighter is to take out removable parts. If the furniture can be dismantled, it will significantly make a move easier. This method is also used by a local moving company as it is proven to be effective. Separate any loose pieces such as pillows or cushions for chairs or couches. Check if furniture can be collapsed or folded so that is easier to move and will take up less space.

How to move furniture up flights of stairs

If you are alone, it is seemingly impossible to move bulky furniture up or down the stairs. There are some strategies to make such task possible. One is to use boards as ramps. After setting up the ramps, you can push the furniture up or down.

Another smart idea is to put an old rug or cardboard under the furniture so that you can easily pull or push it. This simple step can protect the floor and your furniture. It will also make the moving of your furniture easier.

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With these simple tricks, you can save a lot of money and have a work out without going to the gym. With simple ingenuity, you can do a task that usually requires the strength of multiple men. Even with these methods, don’t forget the safe ways to lift up an object to avoid injuries. Keep your back straight and lift up with your feet first.

There are different methods of lifting objects safely that local movers use so that they can do their job. There are a lot of guidelines and articles on how to do it. Different websites may offer various techniques, but the main purpose of those methods is you shouldn’t rush things out. It’s better to move heavy objects slowly but safely. Always keep in mind that you need to prevent back injury and other personal injuries. Before attempting to move heavy furniture, try some safe lifting methods on smaller items first. Another benefit in mastering lifting techniques is that you will be able to avoid damages in your furniture. These tips are employed in more complicated office moves.

Avoid overestimating your physical strength and lifting abilities and at the same time don’t underestimate the importance of right lifting techniques.

If you are in doubt in performing any of these tasks, don’t do it. Ask for some help or better yet contact your local movers to do it for you. These strategies have proven to work but only if done correctly. Imagine the horror you have brought yourself into if the furniture while halfway up the stairs, your strength or tools suddenly give out.

Your skills and knowledge of how to lift objects properly will allow you to make your moving experience run smoothly and safely.

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